Verification Service

Global Identity Verification & Authentication

 verification2We are helping changing the way telecoms companies originate, manage and expand customer relationships. Our unique computer vision capability embeds into our clients’ sites or apps so they can increase the speed at which they open new customer accounts or verify customer identity on existing accounts to be able to offer new revenue-generating services to their customers.


Many telco providers still rely on outdated customer verification methods by asking customers to email, fax or physically drop off copies of ID documents at a branch office, when they wish to originate an account relationship or execute certain transactions. This is not only inconvenient; it breaks the transaction momentum, which results in significant consumer drop-off and dissatisfaction.

Our approach is different – it has been specifically developed to meet the challenge of how to verify identity in a connected-device environment. We use computer vision technology to validate, extract and auto-populate customer data from ID documents to support a wide range of transactions. We offer a real-time process; document authentication takes place seamlessly in the background so that customers are not inconvenienced and the momentum of the remote transaction is maintained.

Mobile Network Operators MNO’s, MVNO’s and Telco’s are increasingly being regulated to verify the identity of their existing prepaid customer base. Faced with the option of receiving millions of copies of ID documents by mail, email or in-branch, our technology is providing an efficient and accurate way to meet this significant compliance challenge.


Real Time ID Scanning and Verification

A unique solution that allows you to authenticate your customers identities using their IOS and Android smartphone cameras aswell as webcam based applactions.

Our ID verification reduces the risk of fraudulent activity, while significantly saving time associated with the confirmation process and reducing associated costs with KYC requirements for your mobile service or online community.

“Know your customer”

An increased burden of legislation and penalties for wrongdoing has made ‘knowing your customer’ critical for many businesses: Retailers have an obligation for age verification for certain products and, increasingly, want to establish identity to prevent retail fraud; banks, solicitors and attorneys have anti-money laundering obligations; and hotels, casinos and private clubs increasingly want to verify the identities of their clients.

“Know your employee”

Employers who recruit employees who do not have a right to work are committing a criminal offence under legislation in many countries and this includes an obligation to verify an individual’s identity. Our App is a cost-effective identity document verification solutions, with the facility to verify the latest security  suitable for businesses and recruitment agents.